Lloyd Truax, Sr.Lloyd Truax, Sr.
City or Boston

October 1979

Photograph by Jay LeBlanc


Welcome to Truax Corporation

Truax Corporation is a full service catch basin and drain maintenance company. Our services include in catch basin cleaning, storm drain maintenance and high velocity pipe flushing. In addition to cleaning servicing, we also perform closed circuit television inspections (CCTV). Our people are some of the best in video pipeline industry, and we guarantee the same level of customer satisfaction that we have always offered to our customers.

Our history says it all. With over fifty years of in this business, we have earned an outstanding reputation in the New England area for our service and professionalism. All of our customers are treated with that special personalized touch the larger drain companies cannot offer. We look forward to providing this service to you!!

Thank you for visiting our website. We welcome you to look around and learn more about us. Please click on the contact link to get in touch with our office.