Lloyd Truax, Sr.Lloyd Truax, Sr.
City or Boston

October 1979

Photograph by Jay LeBlanc


Catch Basin Cleaning

We consider catch basin cleaning our core service as we have been cleaning catch basins for more than 50 years. We clean catch basins for cities and towns, property managers, engineers, builders and home owners.   No job is too big or small

Our customers come back to us again and again. Many of them have annual contracts for basin cleaning to avoid potential issues with streets and parking lots. A clogged catch basin is not only bad for drains, it is bad for the environment, and will eventually cause flooding and drain issues on your property. Our customers know that they will not have to scramble to get their catch basins cleaned due to flooding or weather. They rely on us to be proactive and get the job done. When we service your property, we will let you know whether your basins are operating efficiently, and what we can do to help you if they are not!

Take care of your catch basins!!!

Catch basins must be maintained and cleaned to prevent storm sewer and drain pipe blockages and lessen the material entering storm sewers. These storm sewers discharge into detention basins or directly into streams which is why they should not be used as a dumping station for debris such as food and dog waste.

Here are some things you can do to prevent flooding and environmental issues on your property:

  •  Remove litter and leaves from the tops of grates to prevent the basins from getting clogged with these materials
  • Inspect your basins to ensure they do not become too full before calling for service
  • Do not allow others to dump food in the catch basins
  • Clean your basins regularly. Contact us for details!