Lloyd Truax, Sr.Lloyd Truax, Sr.
City or Boston

October 1979

Photograph by Jay LeBlanc


CCTV Sewer Pipeline Inspection

Due to so many changes in our industry, the demand for accurate and detailed sewer and drain pipe efficiency has become a necessity. We take these industry updates and changes seriously and have adopted a proactive stance for all of our customers.

The addition of televised pipeline inspection to our services has taken Truax Corporation one step further. We now offer our customers a full service approach to drain and sewer line maintenance. When customers utilize our expert high velocity flushing services combined with pipeline video inspections programmed by WinCAM* we guarantee delivery of the best service possible with quick answers and fast resolutions.

We own the highest quality industry complaint equipment for televised video pipeline inspections, and now offer this important service utilizing equipment from Envirosight Inc; one of the largest providers of underground infrastructure and environmental inspection. And WinCAM technology, the program supported by our industry to provide you with the most complete data possible.

Inspection is available for all sizes and types of underground pipelines. All televised inspections are performed using pan-and-tilt cameras which gives us the best analysis of the pipe possible. Upon completion of each job we provide the customer with a CD and written report detailing our findings.

All of our operators are trained and certified to NASSCO Pipeline Assessment Certification Program (PACP).